Elegant, functional, simple
Minimal effect, essential structure and light worktop.
Square section metal legs receive a thin melamine surface.
The technical aspect of the product is captured in the playful linearity of details that characterize the workstation with style.
The single desk is suitable for an exclusive use but it can be replicated to create a custom modular environment.
The high version of the table reinvents the traditional meeting room serving a working or leisure area.
Elegant declination, functional structure and a noble worktop.
A customized style, suitable for executive needs, capable to elevate an ambitious environment and ensure strength and volume.

A large worktop supported by a melamine service cabinet, is available in different declinations. Functional, ergonomic and with a strong compositional ability.
A classic and rigorous aesthetic.
Best solution for several needs, equipped with flexible structure and modular worktop.
Workstations can be adapted to various declinations.
In a shared version, it allows to respect privacy and spaces, responding adequately to current needs.
Colour marks the entities, structure maintains continuity.
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